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Award Winning Self-Leadership Trainer, Coach, Author and Founder of Calmfidence® Academy

As a Wellpreneuer, certified Trainer and Coach in Positive Psychology, I help great people to regain their inner balance, clarity, calmness, confidence. Inside Out.


My mission is to empower people, through transformative inner work, helping them access and shift unwanted feelings, behavior, or thoughts at the deep level. 


As a result, they create an impact in the world they were meant for, both on a professional and personal level.



Inside Out

Whether you are a top-performer wanting to excel even further, someone who wants to start a new chapter in your life, do something different in your life – it’s difficult to do it alone, especially in times of transitions.

Whether you want to achieve personal, professional, relationship, health, or financial goals, I fully believe that both, our cognitive, conscious, and unconscious minds need to be working together at their full potential, especially in times of uncertainty.

Inside Out transformative coaching with me is not about being perfect, but having an overall sense of inner power, connection, purpose, and fulfillment, regardless of where you are, what you have, or who you are with.

If this resonates with you, then let’s get started unfolding your true Self.

What to expect?

I will ask you to bring your whole self to each session.
That is how we break through barriers and propel you forward. You’ve got to be ok with that because, ultimately, I'm here to facilitate the acceleration of your desired results.

You have to be courageous to deep dive, even if it goes beyond your comfort zone. That is where the deep transformation happens.

My unique coaching approach is a blend of Parts Work, Hypnosis, and Positive Psychology. It focuses on building an alliance with the unconscious mind, helping you to access your hidden potential, shifting inner blocks, and achieving maximum change in the minimum of time!

It is a gentle yet powerful process, which is incredibly effective in helping people transform unwanted thoughts, feelings, habits, beliefs, or any stumbling blocks on multidimensional (conscious, neuronal, cellular) levels on the path to life fulfillment.

What will we focus on?

Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your story and vision.

I meet you with curiosity and the knowledge that everything you need is already within you.

I will fully believe in you and create the space for you to discover yourself and step into your truth. In this space, there is room for all objections, fears, and doubts as and when they emerge.

Here we will rewire the old stories that are preventing you from moving forward to your next level. Here you will awaken the energies with which you can be creative and propel forward.

We will expand and shift the model of your reality to achieve your mission.

You may think you are here to focus on one thing, but it may impact other areas of your life.​​​

My  Story

Born in Soviet Union, grew up in Germany, studied in the UK for a Masters in Marketing, worked in Dubai and New York. Living an international life, I was on an awesome adventure in different places, meeting amazing people, friends, and mentors.

Today my home is back in Hamburg, Germany and I love it here. I am grateful for this unique experience which gave me an unparalleled education in life from a very early age. I would not be the Transformative Coach I am today without all of this.

The one thread that runs throughout my entire life is my passion for seeing the best talent and potential in people.


Whether it was in my own businesses or running sales and marketing departments for corporates, I had an outlook that focussed on going beyond, to help others tap into and use their inner resources on their journey of becoming the most fulfilled version of themselves.

Core Calmfidence Nell Puetter.jpeg

During my studies, I was fascinated by NLP techniques as a persuasive communication tool. Being very ambitious, I used to apply self-hypnosis to improve my learning results and general performance.


In 2008 everything was turned upside down. I was confronted by the tragic, sudden death of my partner. .... Struck by this twist of fate, I was trying to cope with the stages of grief.


While healing this traumatic event, other hidden limiting beliefs and heavy emotions emerged too. So I was dealing with an array of many challenges.


Trying to escape from personal issues, I became obsessed with work. It was more attractive to tick the boxes: fulfilling career, launching start-ups, exciting challenges, fascinating work stories to tell, jetting around the world, parties, etc., etc... Until exhaustion and eventually burnout...

Trying to escape the Self didn't work and so I tried to find a way out of my struggles through three years of Cognitive Therapy.


Additionally, I was learning and applying MBSR, EFT, Hypnosis, NLP, and many other self-help tools, however didn't find lasting improvement.


I only experienced permanent relief and a lasting change after I applied inner-work methods, therefore I am focusing in my coaching on such inside-out processes that foster holistic sustainable change.


My personal journey was challenging and I wish I had known about inward-driven methods back then.


Through this inside-out approach I was able to free up myself and find my strength from within.


I learned how to reactivate the power of the unconscious and integrate it with the conscious, discovering my true Self during this transformative journey.



Eventually, I learned to trust that it was all happening for a reason and, indeed, it was. Reflecting back today, I must say this was the greatest boost to my personal growth.


Today, I live a life of my own design: running a business I love, working with perfect clients, happily married again, cultivating relaxed family relationships, and waking up with a feeling of gratitude every day.

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