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You Were Born With

A Chrystal Clear Clarity


You Can Discover It Again!

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Whether you are driven by a deep desire to achieve success and financial freedom so that you have more choices to enjoy the lifestyle that you feel drawn to.  

Whether you want a life of meaning, to live out your full potential while making an impact in the world. 


A visionary, committed to personal growth, you're creative; constantly developing your gifts and seeking your truth.

You recognize that your life is precious and that it’s up to you to make it what you want. 


You’re ready to move out of this limbo, find what’s next for you, and create the life you want.


And you’d take those first steps if you only knew what they were.

Yet... there is this blur, uncertainty, doubt, or confusion stopping you to completely own your greatness and amazingness...

Well, whether you are in a top-performer space, wanting to start a new life chapter, or committed to doing life differently  –  it’s difficult to do it alone.


Because we all have that voice, that mind-chatter in our heads that keeps telling us all kinds of "false stories" and holding us back...



You want to do something, but another part of you is screaming “NO WAY!”

You believe in something, but you just cannot condone an action that belief teaches.

You feel like something is right, but then you also feel like it’s wrong.

In the field of psychology, internal conflict (or lack of clarity) is often referred to as “cognitive dissonance,” which is a term that refers to holding conflicting and inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.


This mental struggle can occur at any point in life over any topic such as relationships, work commitments, beliefs, moral standpoints, and social ideologies.

So in simplified terms, when we experience any kind of internal conflict and confusion, what is really happening is that there is a disagreement between different parts of our being.

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I’ve been working as a Transformative Coach, helping people from all walks of life to live to their highest values, purpose, and fulfillment.


 I’ve worked with entrepreneurs, executives, hoteliers, writers, models, artists, and people who are up to something in the world. Above all, they share a passion for humanity – a genuine desire to be a force for good in the world.

What they all have in common is something you have as well – an innate desire for a connection to a deeper Core Clarity, that allows an incredible creative potential to come forward and express in everything you do.


When you are in touch with that Core part of yourself, you have the clarity, you are amazing – wise, powerful, filled with love, and creatively engaged with life. You have a passion in your eyes, compassion in your heart, and a sense of expansive possibility in your mind.

1-TO-1 INTENSIVE Coaching is a space where deep insight happens. You’ll get out of your head and into your life; out of your overthinking it and into a world of possibility…


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Lira I., from Dubai,


With great love, I want to share my story! Nell is a master of her craft, which gave me immeasurable respect and trust! After delicate sessions, I felt a burst of energy, cheerfulness, confidence, and freedom. Today I am full of strength and enthusiasm!


Daniela Z., from Hamburg, Germany

I had a transformative  coaching experience with Nell on the topics "purpose" and "trust".  The deep insights contributed to my well-being.  I  recommend this form of coaching to anyone who wants to find themselves, to go through life calmly, confidently and lovingly.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-10-06 um

Inge H., from London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend Core Transformation sessions with Nell and work on key issues to transform  them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.

H600 Nell Puetter

Coaching Partnership

The coach you choose has to resonate with you, fully and completely.

It is a trusting partnership that offers you insights and new perspectives that will change your life. And, because of the nature of this relationship, both you and I, shall commit to going on this journey. So before any commitment is made we will have a conversation. If we feel it is a good fit, we then work out an individual coaching package.

I am devoted to deep, transformative work. As with any deep partnerships, it is built on commitment, trust, and integrity.

If you’re already making a difference in the world or ready to step up, find your voice, and impact others at the next level, follow this link to start a conversation.


If you are a change-maker and curious to explore your true Authentic Core and see for yourself how this unfolds in your life, I am ready to support you.

Inner work, it’s not about business coaching, strategy, discipline, will-power, or positive thinking. It’s a natural, powerful inner transformation process that connects us with our true Core to facilitate lasting fulfillment.

Let us have an exploratory conversation. There is no attachment or obligation, I just ask you to be in a space that you are willing and able to move forward should this be just what you need.​

What will we focus on?

Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your story, and vision. 


That said, I meet you with curiosity - and the knowledge that all the answers and everything you need is already within you. I will fully believe in you and create the space for you to step into your truth​.

In this space, there is room for all objections, fears, and doubts as and when they emerge. Here we will uncover and rewire the old stories that are preventing you from moving to your next level.


Here you will develop the ideas and awaken the energies with which you can create. We will expand and shift your model of reality to meet the expansiveness of your mission.


You may think you are here to focus on one thing, but it will impact other areas of your life. 




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