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Are you over-attached to work, adventure, smoking, drinking, sex, relationships, shopping, money, things, or something else?


Do you have obsessive thoughts or behaviors?

Do you "fight with yourself" about what particular unwanted habits?

How Core Transformation® Can Help You?

The Core Transformation® process by Andreas NLP is incredibly effective in helping people overcome their most painful issues.
Most people significantly move toward one or more of the following results each time they apply this gentle transformative process. 
As this process aligns with your higher Core Self, it will impact positively all areas of your life. While going through this process, you will gain new choices in many areas of your life, for example:

"Having a choice about behaviors that were addictive or habitual."

"Having greater ease in changing behaviors."

"Having behavior that is in alignment with your values."

*Based on Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae and Tamara Andreas