Nell Puetter Wellpreneur Inside Out Core Transformation

Core Calmfidence® is a transformative "inside out" coaching approach that enables you to rewire for a consistent state of emotional balance, calmness, confidence, and an innate sense of self-trust.

The transformative integrative coaching approach cultivates your positive mental attitude, mobilizes your innate strength and emotional stability, resilience, helping you develop and expand to meaningful growth. 

As such, you are an expansive force within society, team, and organization leading purpose-driven life and contributing to the wellbeing of people around you.



Lira I., from

Dubai, UAE

With great love, I want to share my story! Nell is a master of her craft, which gave me immeasurable respect and trust! After delicate sessions, I felt a burst of energy, cheerfulness, confidence, and freedom. Today I am full of strength and enthusiasm!

Daniela Z., Hamburg, Germany

I had a transformative  coaching experience with Nell on the topics "purpose" and "trust".  The deep insights contributed to my well-being.  I  recommend this form of coaching to anyone who wants to find themselves, to go through life calmly, confidently, and lovingly.

Testimonial Inge Heuman

Inge H., from

London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend Core Transformation sessions with Nell and work on key issues to transform them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.


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