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About Nell


As an Unconscious Mind, certified Core Transformation@ Coach, and the Founder of Core Clarity Academy, I've helped hundreds of purpose-driven people over the last years to thrive, see-through with clarity, remain calm, and focused in high-pressure situations, and regain their balance, purpose, and fun. In essence, helping them to propel forward with unstoppable inner mental strength and live a life of extraordinary fulfillment and beyond.​

My mission is to empower high performers, through inner transformative work, helping them shift unwanted feelings, behavior, or thoughts.


As a result, they create an impact in the world they were meant for, both on a professional and personal level.

As a certified Core Transformation@ Coach, I always pay attention to the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects, because when body, spirit, and mind are in harmony, individual resilience increases, and we gain mental and emotional stability, which is a foundation of high performance, meaningful growth, and fulfilling life.

Find out more about me, my credentials, and my story here.

What do you like most about being a coach?


The most rewarding aspect for me is that moment when the “lights turn on” in a client’s eyes and they suddenly realize they have the answers within – amazing! I love being the tool that truly empowers my clients to reveal their own strengths and genius Core, infusing their actions with inner wisdom, true passion, and higher purpose.

What separates you from others in your field?


Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals struggle for years with the same issues. Even though they perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and had the necessary skills, there was something holding them back to live their true potential. 

So I decided to go deeper with my coaching approach, helping people to partner with their unconscious mind, shifting whatever it is that is holding them back, declutter their minds, reduce stress, and master emotions while accessing their potential at the deepest level.

I approach each client as the unique individual they truly are, I do not believe in a, “one size fits all” mentality and my approach works on the basis that we are all born with an innate clarity and natural motivation for thriving and flourishing.


My coaching approach is an "inside out work" designed to effortlessly activate your innate capacity for seeing clearly through situations, stepping into your inner calmfidence, mastering your inner game, and taking actions from the place of congruence, without needing to force yourself or practise yet another exotic routine, or learn a new skill, without you needing to accept new beliefs, do or implement anything.

My coaching approach is not about strategy, discipline, or tactics. It goes much deeper, beneath the conscious level, than most traditional coaching methods do. That’s it really works, helping you achieve maximum results in the minimum of time, gently, naturally, and with ease.

Each session with a single client is different; I use tools and techniques that will benefit the client during their appointment. I do not have a preconceived plan of what tools and techniques will be used. 

Are you a therapist, consultant, or counselor?


I am not a counselor or therapist, I am a coach. I don’t need to know all the details about the past. We don't need to talk hours about your issue as in cognitive therapy unless you want to. I want to help you focus on your future reality and help you find the answers within to get you there. I don’t guarantee results because the results are firmly the responsibility of the client. For a more detailed explanation of the differences, scroll to the end of the FAQs.

Differences between Consultants and Coaches 

(Source: Alan Edelmann)

“I read somewhere once that a consultant will explain why one car is better than another, will teach you how to drive the car, and might even drive the car for you.”

“A coach on the other hand will show you why a car is important, help you discover why you have trouble driving it, and sit in the passenger’s seat next to you while you drive.”

Do you have a favorite story from your work?


One of my favorite stories about my coaching is the classes I teach teenagers to deal with the pressure at high school.  They are a constant source of inspiration, love, and gratitude. The interaction, whether in a group or one to one is always so uplifting and constant education for me and the women who attend – I love this part of my work! To find out more about what clients say, please follow the link KIND WORDS.

Who are your clients?


My clients are both leaders, entrepreneurs, and high fliers, who know they are on a mission greater than themselves, as well as organizations that value their employees’ well-being and resilience highly, especially in times of uncertainty.


I am devoted to helping purpose-driven people around the world unfold, entrepreneurs, or young professionals.


Transformative Coaching is for people who are ready to live their truth by unleashing their unique awesomeness and authentic, true Core Self. It is for people who are brave enough to embrace the good and the bad, that happened in the past, people who are ready to do the inner work and wanting the big lasting shift to happen. People with a growth mindset seem to benefit the most.


Whether you are in a top-performer space, wanting to start a new life chapter, or committed to doing life differently  –  it’s difficult to do it alone. If you are a change-maker and curious to explore your genius Core and see for yourself how this unfolds in your life, I am ready to support you to get there.

As a Transformative Coach, I operate in neutrality and focused on your best outcomes in order to serve you in reaching your desired life experiences. The relationship creates a framework where you get to regularly work on the most important areas of your life as defined by yourself. 

To find out more about what clients say, follow the link here.

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