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What to expect?

Our transformative journey together will be as unique as you are, as unique as your vision. That said, I meet you with curiosity - and the knowledge that all the answers and everything you need is already within you. 


I will fully believe in you and create the space for you to step into your truth​. In this space, there is room for all objections, pain, fears, and doubts as and when they emerge. Here we will uncover and rewire the old stories that are preventing you from moving to your next level. Together we uncover your blind spots. We will expand and shift your model of reality to align with your true Core.​​ 


You may think you are here to focus on one thing, but it will impact other areas of your life. I will help be expansive as you never have been before.

Which issues can we work on during the session?

The unique, gentle yet powerful transformative process that originates from the fields of NLP, hypnosis, and psychology and is incredibly effective in helping people transform unwanted thoughts, feelings, habits, or any stumbling blocks on the path to life fulfillment, ultimately unfolding their genius Core Self.

Coaching topics may include, but not limited to issues such as inner conflicts, compulsive behaviour, addiction to work, addiction to eating, shopping overwhelm and stress, the pressure of responsibility, emotions and the loneliness of leadership, shifting to their next level of success​, the sheer scale of decision-making​, keeping up appearances​​, the impact on work-life balance and personal relationships, etc.​.

Please find an overview of the issues and struggles that Core Transformation® can resolve for you here.

What to expect from our coaching relationship?

I am devoted to deep, transformative work. As with any deep partnerships, it is built on commitment, trust, vulnerability, and integrity. It is a trusting partnership that offers you insights and new perspectives that will change your life. It is a privilege for me that I never take for granted. And, because of the nature of this relationship, both you and I shall commit to going on this journey. 

I will ask you to bring your whole self to each session. I may ask you questions that feel uncomfortable, and I may be uncomfortable asking them, but that is how we break through barriers and propel you forward. 

I’m not here to hold you accountable; as a change-maker, you know how to do this. You have to be willing and courageous to tackle the inner work, to invest in yourself, even if it goes far beyond your comfort zone. That is where the deep transformation happens. 

How Core-Transformation® session works?

In the guided inner work session, you connect the conscious mind with the unconscious part to dissolve and unravel limitations, and deeply entrenched problems. And as such rewiring, recoding, and re-imprinting new neural pathways. 

The Core Transformation sessions take place via a zoom video (secured online video meeting). This saves you time and you can stay in a place you feel comfortable in. 


Prior to the session, we define together which unwanted emotions, self-destructive behavior, exhausting feelings, or unwanted habits you want to change, so that your individual session can be exactly tailored to you and your topic.

At the beginning of the session, I will start with information gathering, thus opening the door to your unconscious. You will be deeply relaxed, and you can keep control over what you say - and what you don't say. With a specific set of questions, I will be then guiding you through the Core Transformation process, and while doing so, we will be transforming the roots of your issue.

You will recognize the part of yourself that blocks you and together we will explore the inner, deep-seated needs of that part. During this transformative process, new neural connections and pathways will be created. The unwanted will naturally get transformed at the unconscious level, from an inner perspective of your Core Self.

After this inner transformation work of the unwanted, you can live a life free of pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs. Even more, through the Core Transformation, you will experience wholeness, balance, inner peace, and holistic wellbeing. 

Experiencing this process feels like a long overdue kindness to yourself.

How will you experience the change?

The experience of Core Transformation Sessions is different for each person. Basically, there are three possibilities: 

1. Immediate Change:

In the session, you have an all-changing aha-experience, recognize your problem - and solve it at the place where it originated. You will find that the Core State is your natural experience now, in the situation where you used to have the old response, and perhaps even in other situations as well.

2. Step by Step Change:

You gradually realize that you feel better every day - and leave old patterns behind.

It may be that the session uncovered the new onion-layers that lead you to the next Part to work with to ultimately get the transformation you want. So whatever happens, your experience will lead you right to the next place to give attention to.


3. Retrospective Change: 

You look back and notice that many blocks have been released, you feel liberated - and you go your way with confidence and inner peace. Your environment notices the change in you and speaks to you about it. 

What is next after we complete all CT sessions?

Some people just come to get a specific outcome and that’s all they want out of it. However often once the first issue is resolved, people realize they have other goals and outcomes—other areas of their life where they’d like to get results too. This can be done through continued coaching with me, learning to guide yourself through this process, or both. What are your goals and outcomes at this point?

Some people are interested in solving specific issues that come up in life, and this is a great process for that. However, the people I see who get the most benefits, are those who take this on as more of general practice for wellbeing. If you’re interested in applying it in this way, I’d be happy to be your coach for as long as you find it valuable, and also happy to support you in learning to guide yourself through this process.

Some people have achieved monumental personal change just by guiding themselves through the CT process. Of course, other people prefer to be coached, so they don’t have to track the guiding aspect of the process, and that’s totally valid as well. I just like to give choices, so if you are interested in exploring learning to guide yourself through this process, I’m more than happy to assist you with that in our coaching, as well as continuing to guide you through the process whenever you want. I can give you tips and scripts for how to begin guiding yourself, and I can also help out when you get stuck on your own.

I’m always available if something comes up in life and you’d like to have a session or two to explore it and find solutions.

Can Core Transformation® be applied in the long term?

Some clients seek coaching when they are looking for a supportive, creative environment within which to experiment with positive change. Often times once the first issue is resolved, people realize they have other goals and outcomes—other areas of their life where they’d like to get results too. This can be done through continued coaching with me.

As humans, we have a natural desire to develop and thrive. This can manifest in various ways, from desires as intense as wanting to reach a weight loss goal, a job promotion, an investment success, to simply wanting to banish laziness. 

In any of these cases, it is important to have other resources in place, which we can discuss in our first session.

Please find an overview of the issues and struggles that Core Transformation® can resolve for you here.

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