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How to change a bad habit, addiction, procrastination, or self-sabotage and end the inner battle once and for all!

At the start of the new year, many people resolve to be better. Perhaps you want to eat less junk food, quit smoking or drinking, overcome self-sabotage or simply stop wasting your time in social media.

Good intentions however are not enough. Our unwanted habits, thoughts and feelings are not things we do consciously.

It's almost as if an unconscious part of us makes us do these things.

And we fight against that part, ultimately losing the battle.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

That's why by February, most people have already given up on their New Year's Resolutions.

Year after year, people make the same resolutions and have the same struggle.

Image by Laura Chouette

And sometimes...

... we have that mind-chatter voice in our heads that keeps telling us all kinds of "false stories" and holding us back. ​

Well, no one is immune to inner struggles and battling with yourself. Confusion, inner conflicts, or doubts can occur at any point in life over any topic such as relationships, work, beliefs, or even health…

It's almost as if an unconscious part of us makes us do these things. And we fight against that part, ultimately losing the battle.

Image by Mario Azzi

Our dilemma can drag itself from few days to few decades.

It drains our energy and makes us procrastinate on important decisions, sabotages desired outcomes, keeping us awake at night...


You know you need to focus on an important project, but spend your precious time on Netflix...



You want to stop wasting your time on YouTube or social media, but you just get sucked into it...

You would like to start your own business, but you just keep procrastinating...

You really need to end an unhealthy or toxic relationship, but every time you try to do it, though, you freeze...

Image by Laura Chouette

You can't win when battling with yourself!

On one hand, you want to lose weight, but a part of you makes you eat that chocolate...

One part of you wants to start a new life chapter, but another part of you wants to play safe...

On one hand, you love a person, but another part of you is scared to commit...

When your choices are determined by an inner conflict, it can sabotage your entire life.

Image by Karina Tess

What if there was an easier way?

What if instead of trying to get rid of this "unwanted part" of ourselves, we could partner with them for achieving something we want?

Our conscious willpower and cognitive mind are limited and are only 5% of our mental capacity.


But our unconscious mind keeps going 24/7, even while we are asleep. 

So if you can tap into the other 95% of your inner resources and make the change at the deep, unconscious level, there's no struggle.


Hello, I’m Nell Puetter, certified Core Transformation® Coach and Founder of Core Clarity Academy.
My mission is to empower high performers, through inner transformative work, to access their innate state of clarity, confidence and calmness.
As a result, they create an impact in the world they were meant for, both on a professional and personal level.
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Partner with your unconscious mind and your life changes forever, and high achievement and true fulfillment are yours.