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Image by Kyle Broad
A break-up with your partner or a loss can take on so many different facets.

As long as there is a place for the ex-partner in your thoughts, you are not free for a new life chapter.

While trying to deal with this painful experience, other hidden limiting beliefs or heavy emotions may start emerging...
Self-doubts may consume you, feelings of inferiority, and other negative thoughts may start appearing...

Letting go of your past and moving on...

Lena L. from Hamburg tells us her story about how just in on Transformation Session, helped her to start a new chapter of her life after a painful break-up.
This video has been deleted.

there is a way out of this downward spiral!
Transforming, reprogramming, and letting go means, creating a space for new people to come into your life. Get started now!

The Core Calmfidence® is a powerful blend, originated from the fields of NLP, hypnosis, and psychology.

In our session, we will be re-programming the unwanted emotions, behaviors, or blocks.
I will be guiding you through this gentle, transformative, healing process, rewiring the new YOU at the depths of your unconscious, and healing your emotional pain.

If you are still emotionally attached to your ex-partner,  the Core Calmfidence session with Nell will help you to let it go and free yourself completely from the old luggage.

After transforming the painful emotions of being hurt, you can lead a life free of pain, suffering, and limiting beliefs.

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