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Improve relationships with yourself and others. 

individual  1:1  coaching

with Nell Puetter

Does it anger you when people do things you can’t control?

Do you feel driven to look the best, have the best, be the most popular, etc.?


Do other people let you feel angry, helpless, bitter, anxious, or heartbroken?


Does it make you feel bad to know someone else is better at something than you are?

Do other people often take offense at things you do or say, even though you don’t know what they’re so upset about?

Is it incredibly important that others think well of you?


Are you tempted to stretch the truth, in order to maintain a positive image?

Is it difficult for you to trust anyone?


Do you tend to assume that others have evil motives? 

Do you often feel lonely?

How Core Calmfidence® Can Help You?

As this process aligns with your higher Core Self, it will impact positively all areas of your life. While going through this process, you will gain new choices in many areas of your life, for example:
Being able to take care of your relationships and accept others as they are.
Being able to trust people appropriately, while being aware of their limitations.
Being able to take responsibility for making choices in the area you have a choice about while being a peace with areas that are out of your control.
Being OK whether attention is on you or on others.
Being able to forgive yourself and others for mistakes and limitations, while learning from them.
Expressing more compassion and kindness toward others.
Being affirming of yourself and others without needing to compete.
Being able to freely express your own needs and wants and pursue them, and take into account the needs and wants of others.

Based on Core Transformation: Reaching the Wellspring Within by Connirae and Tamara Andreas


Letting go of your past and moving on... Lena L. from Hamburg tells us her story about how Core Transformation works, helped her to start a new chapter of her life after a painful break-up.