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Gain inner Clarity and liberate from overthinking and a feeling of being torn apart. 

individual  1:1  coaching

with Nell Puetter

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Say good-buy to confusion, overthinking, analysis paralysis, being torn apart and overwhelmed!

There is a way to regain your inner Clarity, Calmness, and Confidence.


You can move forward with your whole being in one direction, with your actions and values in sync with who you are!


Let me help you activate gain inner peace while being clear, congruent, calm, balanced, and inflow with a gentle yet highly effective Core Calmfidence® process.


When you clear your mind and start seeing through the clutter you can begin to experience an enormous increase in aliveness, innate calmfidence, and quality of life. Fears and limitations fall away naturally and dissolve effortlessly. 

When you have Clarity you become creative, naturally motivated, and effortlessly finding solutions to the ups and downs of life.


When you have Clarity you are more productive, make real progress with the things that really matter, have better performance, while having more free time and more harmony in your personal and working relationships.

It’s an innate state of clarity when brilliant insights and aha moments come easily and spontaneously, action is powerful and efficient.

When you have Clarity you intuitively make the right decisions and choices, without forcing willpower or self-restrictive discipline on yourself or getting stuck in analysis paralysis.

When you have Clarity you feel liberated and naturally motivated, without forcing yourself to work harder.


When you have Clarity you reclaim your Power and take actions without fear, distractions, inner battles, self-sabotage, or procrastination.

Clarity enables us to propel forward, live a more balanced life, supercharged with inner power and innate calmfidence.

When you have Clarity you have unstoppable confidence and you move with your whole being in one direction, without wasting precious time and energy on any distractions!

When you have Clarity you are focused and creative and it’s easy to move towards your goal, without self-doubts, severe self-criticism, or constant overwhelm.

When you have Clarity you are simply in your Core Element, fully present in the moment, and have an enjoyable experience of life, knowing that you are on a mission greater than yourself.

When you have Clarity your whole being and your actions are in sync with your values and with who you are, without the feeling of being torn apart by contradictory desires, beliefs, or the opinions of others.

When you have Clarity you have peace of mind, without juggling between what you ought to do and what you actually desire.

When you have Clarity you are supercharged with purpose and act from an inner state of peace, without being constantly worried.

Visionary business leaders from many fields, high-performing athletes, and creative people associate their state of brilliance with having great inner clarity and congruence, calmness, simply knowing within.


It’s an innate state of clarity when brilliant aha moments come easily and action is powerful.

We have a clear vision, can be in flow, and at optimal performance when our mind is calm, not worrying about anything. When we are able to let go and are in a state of inner peace and knowing within.​


However, having a thousand things on our mind (and desk) often leads to inner confusion, unwanted stress, pressure, frustration due to slow or no progress, even addiction or health issues...


Now, when we're trying to work something out, we generally use our intellectual minds, trying to think our way into the unknown.

And what happens is that those thoughts get faster and faster. But what we're left with is even less clarity. And yet, our mind is still blurred and confused...

And sometimes we all have those mental clutter distractions in the form of doubts and fear, the mind-chatter voice that keeps holding us back.

It's almost as if an automatic, unconscious part of us standing in our way and forcing us to feel as if we are being stuck...

Image by Cristina Gottardi

How do you calm your mind and regain your state of clear vision? 


The last thing to do is to give a “thinking mind” even more to do and even more to think about!
Through my executive coaching experience, I’ve seen many professionals, who already perfectly understood their problem on an intellectual level and already have all the necessary skills, and did their thinking about what's wrong and what’s the cause of their struggle. And yet, the problem still exists…

The bookshelves and courses are full of advice and processes such as “7 steps of this” and “5 steps of that”... Of course all such skills, practice, and knowledge are critical skills and can support us. They are, however, not enough on their own...
There is an easier way! Partner with your unconscious to achieve maximum result in the minimum of time, without inner battling or forcing willpower on yourself.

“If a pond is clouded with mud, there’s nothing you can do to make the water clear. But when you allow the mud to settle, it will clear on its own, because clarity is the water’s natural state...”


Clarity is your mind’s natural state.

Jamie Smart


Client Review Nell Puetter Core Clarity


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There exists a way to reclaim your inner Clarity and Calmfidence, liberating and moving in one direction with your whole, knowing that your actions are synchronized and in perfect harmony with your own values and beliefs which makes you who you are!
Partner with your unconscious to achieve maximum results in the minimum of time, without inner battling, without the need to fight with your autonomic thoughts. Because only being courageous, deep diving, and exploring all parts involved in this struggle can help you find the solution for it. In the end, you surely become the one who’s got peace of mind just because you were brave enough to take steps.
The good news is that the Core Clarity Coaching is a transformative and integrative approach that works at the deeper, automatic level so that the solutions you find will be just as automatic.  

Unfortunately, the cost of not having Clarity is high...

Going through inner confusion can be one of the most overwhelming and frustrating things in life, leading to procrastination, poor performance, low motivation, worries, delays in achieving goals, dissatisfaction due to slow or no progress...

Not having Clarity creates a feeling of being stuck and hinders our ability to get things done, and leads to self-sabotage, distraction, irritation, frustration, resentment, low self-esteem, lack of motivation, self-doubts, and even be the underlying cause of addictions affecting our relationships or health…

But it doesn’t have to be this way!


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