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Confident and resilient people become a force multiplier within family, society, and organizations, improving the general wellbeing, performance, agility, and productivity of people around them.


Transformative Coaching, cultivates strength and stability within, at a multidimensional level, activating the inner power of the unconscious, rewiring unwanted triggers, and helping them expand to meaningful growth.


Start reactivating your inner Power & Stability, so that you can lead a life from a point of strength, balance, fulfillment, and wellbeing, coming naturally from within.

This transformative work is incredibly effective in helping people to dissolve everyday overloads and experience an inner strength that leads to many practical benefits including dissolving stress, improving sleep, transforming relationship hot-buttons, deep relaxation, inner peace, and resetting of the nervous system, enhancing creativity, sense of humor, and enhanced problem-solving ability.

The Core Calmfidence is a  transformative journey is for you if you are under stress, trying to navigate through times of uncertainty, have not yet fully processed heavy emotions from the past, or if you have been seriously shaken by rocking events in your life.


What you need is the power and stability coming from within you, no matter where you are, what you have, or what you can still achieve.

This is exactly how I can support you as your Transformation Coach. 

A person who gently guides you through a recognized and powerful transformative personal change process, to rewire everything that really burdens you.

Someone who gives you space for everything that requires your attention and cannot be expressed anywhere else.


The good news is; confidence, calmness, and resilience is a trait that people are born with. Resilience is already a part of us. It's not something we have to work for - it's an innate part of us that this deep level of resilience exists within each of us. We just need to know how to reactivate it!

Each of us has a bamboo seed in us, each of us has an inner resistance, otherwise, we could never have learned to walk. The amount of resistance a child has when they get up and try to walk and keep falling down and getting up again and falling down again and getting up again. That's what you've been able to do! There is not a single person who has not gone through that, who has not shown that natural resilience.

Let's start exploring how the Core-Resilience method creates long-lasting inner stability and wellbeing in your life. The kind of inner power that comes from within, not dependent on anything or anybody.

Experience how quickly and permanently this transformative approach can balance your thoughts and emotions. 

Everything begins with a first conversation. Honest, direct, and trusting. We are here to support you. Contact us to start the conversation. 

Your transformative coaching sessions can be facilitated in English, German or Russian languages.

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Tell me about yourself and your personal or professional transformative goals in terms of resilience and stress reduction for yourself and your environment.

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Transforming Stress Triggers at the deepest level

 If we want less stress, it’s great if we can get the world around us to change. However, there’s a good chance we’ll be more successful if we change ourselves. Not really into a different person, actually into our very own “best self”, our true inner nature.

Let's start rewiring your stress triggers, so that you can lead a life from a point of balance and stability, coming naturally from within. 
This guided Neuro Core Transformation process offers a graceful way to change unwanted thoughts, feelings, and habits, and achieve goals you thought were unattainable.​

You will be guided through each step of the process by Nell Puetter, NLP Core Transformation® Coach.

Rewire at the deepest level.

Reactivate your inner power & stability, which is not dependent on anything or anyone.

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Stress Triggers...

You know how there are people in the world, who understand their stress triggers perfectly! They read books on it, talked to experts about their issues, and can tell you all about it. And yet, their stress issues haven’t changed…

And it's no wonder - discipline and willpower don’t work because the cognitive part of our mind is only 10% of our capacity.


Start partnering with the unconscious part of yourself! This is where real change happens.

Rewire The Unwanted

Would you like your unconscious mind to support you in achieving and having something you want? 


Integrating the conscious mind and the unconscious part transforms the true cause of the issue. 

As such, reprogramming limiting beliefs, providing instant relief and long-lasting change, creating new neural pathways, and rewiring the resourceful connections.


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Reclaim your inner Power

  • Uncover the root, and transform your issue

  • Re-imprint the limiting beliefs that have held you back

  • Recode the meaning attached to events from your past, so you can be liberated

  • Reclaim your voice, your power, and your self-worth

  • Reconnect with the extraordinary confidence you were born with

  • Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live

  • Experience all-pervasive, permanent transformation of inner conflict; in effect integration with your inner wisdom and wholeness 

How Core Transformation Can Help You?

The Core-Transformation® is a gentle yet powerful process developed and refined by my two highly esteemed mentors Dr. Connirae and Tamara Andreas. 

This gentle yet transformative process originates from the fields of NLP, hypnosis, and psychology and is incredibly effective in helping people transform unwanted thoughts, feelings, habits, or any stumbling blocks on the path to life fulfillment, ultimately unfolding their genius Authentic Core.

Nell Puetter Core-Resilience transformat

Hello, I am Nell

I'm a Positive Psychology and

Core-Transformation® Coach, who has found her calling in supporting mission-driven people uncover their true Authentic Core. My work is to activate true genius in people, helping them unfold their ingenious Core of being.

Through the Core-Transformation® process, I help people identify blocks and gently shift the unwanted feeling, behavior, or thought, or whatever it is that is holding them back on their path to their vision coming true, rewiring, re-coding, re-shaping at the deepest level.

My unique, transformative coaching method combines effective principles from the fields of Resilience, MBSR, NLP, Mental Coaching, Hypnosis, Neuro-Coaching, Positive Psychology, Design Psychology, and Core-Transformation®. 



Daniela Z., from Hamburg, Germany

I had a transformative  coaching experience with Nell on the topics "purpose" and "trust".  The deep insights contributed to my well-being.  I  recommend this form of coaching to anyone who wants to find themselves, to go through life calmly, confidently and lovingly.

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Adeli S., from London, UK

I have to remark how effective this Core approach and the quality of coaching I received from Nell, which helped me to transform my inner conflicts.  I have discovered more insights that have application within both my workplace and my family aligning together as never before! 

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Inge H., from London, UK

I have been fortunate to attend Core Transformation sessions with Nell and work on key issues to transform  them on an emotional, physical, and spiritual level. Nell is a very talented and experienced coach who combines her wisdom with very effective techniques.



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