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Resolve your inner conflict and liberate yourself from frustration and a feeling of being torn apart. 

individual  1:1  coaching

with Nell Puetter

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When there are contradictory parts, wants, needs, and desires, inner conflicts are born, making us feel as if we are being pulled in different directions... 

Being torn apart..

Having a thousand things on our mind (and desk) often leads to inner confusion, unwanted stress, pressure, frustration due to slow or no progress, even addiction or health issues...


And so we wonder about our lack of energy and low motivation, irritation, procrastination.

Moreover, unconscious distractions start to come up when we are actually supposed to be going at full speed! That’s where problems start taking root and we unconsciously enter a battlefield fighting with ourselves.

It's almost as if an automatic, unconscious part of us standing in our way and making us feel as if we are being torn apart...

This creates a massive split and we may fall into a trap of inaction, distraction, reaction, or the wrong action!

Inner conflicts drain our energy, motivation and make us procrastinate on important decisions, sabotage desired outcomes, exhaust us mentally, keep us worrying, awake all night, and stuck in analysis paralysis. For example:


You know you need to focus on an important project, but you distract yourself by other low-priority activities...

In the last few weeks, you overwork your-self, but you wish that your health stays unaffected

You want to raise your game and move to the next level, but somehow you lack natural motivation and energy



On one hand, you want to spend more time with your loved ones, but there’s always a compelling thing for you to stay chained to your desk

On one hand, you love a person, but another part of you is scared to commit

You would like to start a new life chapter, but you keep procrastinating and juggling between what you ought to do and what you actually desire

One part of you wants to start a new business, but another part of you wants to play safe

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How do you liberate yourself from this trap?
How do you calm your mind and regain your state of clear vision and inner confidence from within? 


Recognizing and integrating all inner Parts is a holistic process that usually occurs in steps. This is often facilitated by the professional facilitator or one’s coach.
There exists a way to rewire those conflicting Parts at the deepest level. So that you are powerful and moving in one direction with your whole being and knowing that your actions are in perfect harmony with who you are!
Partner with your unconscious to achieve maximum results in the minimum of time, without inner battling, without the need to fight with your autonomic thoughts.
The good news is that the Core Calmfidence Coaching is a transformative and integrative approach that works at the deeper, automatic level so that the solutions you find will be just as automatic.  


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Unfortunately, the costs of inner conflicts are high...

Going through inner battles can be one of the most overwhelming and frustrating things in life, leading to poor performance, worries, delays in achieving goals, dissatisfaction due to slow or no progress...

Unresolved inner conflict creates a feeling of being stuck, or as though there is no way to win in that situation and hinder our ability to get things done, and lead to self-sabotage, distraction, irritation, frustration, resentment, or procrastination...

Such dilemmas may result in low self-esteem, lack of motivation, self-doubts, and even be the underlying cause of addictions affecting our relationships or health…

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Resolving Inner Conflicts

A person makes up to 10,000 decisions daily and becomes aware of them only moments after taking them. One fine research shows that deep processes involving unconscious factors shape our thinking, actions, and decision-making ability at an automatic level & confirm that most of our decisions are made unconsciously.


It is as if there is a part of us making us do or think something before us realizing the fact.

It is as if there is a part of us making us do or think something before we even realise it.


When there are contradictory parts, wants, needs, and desires, they create inner conflicts...  It becomes even more complex if unsolved, as it makes us feel being torn apart and pulled in a different direction, hindering us from actually getting what we want!

And there is an easier way to make peace with these conflicting parts at the deepest level and moving forward.

What are the signs of inner conflict?

You want to do something, but another part of you is screaming “no way!”.

You feel anger, and you lash out at yourself. You’re being hard on yourself


You engage yourself in severe self-criticism.

You want to get rid of a bad habit, but discipline and willpower don't work in the long term.

You notice unconscious self-sabotaging behaviors and don't know how to handle them.

You struggle between doing what you think you ought to do and being your true self.

You catch yourself wanting to be super perfect in everything you do.

You can’t decide what to do, so you distract yourself with other issues and/ or procrastinate.

You are stuck with thinking, weighing pros and cons, and analysis paralysis.

​You say yes to many things and are very busy because you’re not sure what to prioritize.

You’re overwhelmed with ideas and don't know which one to work on first.

You start projects but fail to finish them.

You tried positive affirmations to help you escape the thought loops, but it actually doesn't really work.

You feel trapped by the current situation and stop living a fulfilling life.


​You’re seeking a way out of this, reading self-help books, watching youtube videos, talking to experts… And yet, your mind is still in a whirl...

You constantly question yourself and worry about what others might think about you or your performance

You have to ask others for their advice, and it may confuse you even more.​


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