Image by Lacie Slezak

The stresses of daily life tear at our sense of stability, self-confidence, creating even more vulnerability to stress.

You may already know that you need to start building resilience, inner strength or meditate. You may even try to stick to a plan and learn new mindfulness skills, only to find out it didn't work... 

And it's no wonder - the willpower, affirmations, and plans often don’t work because the cognitive part of our mind is only 5% of our mental capacity.​

From Stress To
Inner Stability Within...

Agnieska F. from Frankfurt tells her story about how Core Transformation Sessions, helped her to cope with everyday stress and find stability and peace within.

That's great! However, working with many executives,
I noticed that even when they know where the stress is coming from, it still didn't help them to cope with being overwhelmed and triggered. If the stress from the outside is overpowering, own needs take second place - irritability, tiredness, loss of motivation and even some health issues were the unwanted, daily companions. 

And it's no wonder - discipline, willpower, affirmations, and new year resolution plans often don’t work, because the cognitive part of our mind is only 5% of our mental capacity.
Start partnering with the unconscious part of yourself! 
Tap into 95% of your unconscious power with
Core Calmfidence® - this is where real change happens!
After re-coding, rewiring, re-imprinting stress triggers, you can lead a life from a point of balance, confidence, power, and stability, coming naturally from within.

How Core Calmfidence® can help?

The Core Calmfidence® is a powerful blend, originated from the fields of NLP, hypnosis, and psychology.

This inner work process is based on perception and identification of own deep-seated structures and integrates the conscious and the unconscious parts. The patterns, assumptions, and evaluations of own thoughts, feeling,s and behaviors are made conscious and as such get integrated in a gentle way. 


The triggers that were previously perceived as stressful are reprogrammed, transformed, and integrated during the session in a deep relaxation state.


In addition, the process helps people in addressing and mastering their challenges authentically and effectively.